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The staff at FORINCO AG can refer to many years of professional experience in the fields of computer science, forensics, finance and organisation. Based on this knowledge we approach problems selectively, detect methods of resolution promptly and implement them immediately. The combination of these expert competencies within a small team of specialists guarantees the high standards of quality and absolute discretion.


Ralph Windholz

Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), graduated financial analyst and asset manager, CISA

With 20 years of practical experience in the fields of financial trading, finance and IT he laid the foundation for his current activities, eventually to complete his portfolio with an MAS ECI graduation.

Maurizio Tuccillo

PhD., Prof. HSLU

Professor and tutor at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Lucerne; fourteen years’ experience as IT forensics expert, performing forensic analysis on digital evidence as expert appraiser for courts, public prosecutions, police, and private sector; lecturer for IT forensics; more than twenty years’ experience in various fields and roles in ICT, such as IT security engineering, network engineering, and system engineering. 

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